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Increase your revenues by grouping the right products together for your clients.
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ZeBundler helps you to create the right bundles to increase AOV

Set it up in less than 4 minutes

Increase your sales revenue

Group products in one bundle for your customers. Clients spend more. Deliver more value to them and reap the benefits.

Easy to use

Do you know which bundle to create ? How to group products together ? How to synchronize your inventory ? We do.

30 days analysis

We analyse the last month of user behavior on your store to recommend bundles to create. You can deliver the maximum value in the shortest time.
From nothing to bundle in less than 240 seconds.
Ready to bundle ?
Free trial for 7 days
Just so you can get the hang of it and see the benefits for yourself.
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Prenez l'application en main et observez les bénéfices par vous-même.
Increase your average order value

Your customers have different needs. Often times, they might want to buy several products from your store but are discouraged by the price, or don't feel the need to buy. By creating bundles, you give them an opportunity to buy more.

A bundle is in many ways similar to a restaurant combo for a drink, a main dish and a desert. It is a convenient way to offer more value without creating new products or spending more on marketing.

Alright, do you know how to create a bundle ?

You'll most likely need an app like ZeBundler for that.

In slightly less than 4 minutes, you can set up bundles on your store. But what are the right bundles? Can you just group product together and hope your customers will be delighted to buy a lamp and a jacket for 8% off the price ? Well, yes, but actually no.

You 'll need a recommendation system, like ZeBundler, that can tell you what bundles to create. Maximum value creation in the minimum amount of time.

Tip top customer support

Available 24/7/360. I't's like we don't sleep. Really. You can reach out tu us by mail or via the shopify contact option. We are also available of your favorite social networks.

We have a growing documentation detailing several use cases for the app. We also explain how to use bundles to maximize your revenues. Feel free to have a look and try out the app!

Gold Plan

$9.99 per month

Fast bundle creation and inventory synchronizing

Intelligent recommendation system

Extremely low maintenance

Stay up to date with the industry best practices

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