Fashion Set Tool

This guide present you how to use the “Special Set Tool”. It’s an useful tool to help you to create complex bundle rapidly.

We illustrate our explanation with a real example of bundle creation. For this use-case we create a bundle including a T-shirt and a Short.


Step 1 : Create the product used as bundle

Firstly, we create the product used as bundle in Shopify. If you do not know how to create a product read this helpful guide from Shopify.

When you create variant be sure to create options fitting with the included product options.

In this example our bundle include a Size T-shirt  and  a Size Short option.

Shopify product creation for bundle with fashion set tool

Options are created to fit with the Size option of our T-shirt and Short product like this :

Associated product shopify option for bundle creation with fashion set tool


Now you are ready to go in ZeBundler and create your awesome bundle.


Step 2 : Create your bundle in ZeBundler

Go to the home page of ZeBundler application in shopify and  click on the “Create New Bundle” button.


When you arrive on the creation page  click on “Select Product” button in Bundle Selection

and choose the product you create to be a bundle.

You should see the page like this now.

Bundle Creation Shopify fashion set tool ZeBundler product selected example


Then click on “Open Special Set Tool” button. A pop-up should appear and looking like it :

Fashion Set Tool ZeBundler example empty on Shopify


Then for each option of your product, here we find Size T-shirt and Size Short. In our example we select a T-shirt in Size T-Shirt and a Short in Size Short :

Associated product Fashion Set Tool ZeBundler Shopify


Now you select in “SELECT OPTION TO FIT” the option fitting the bundle option where you added your product. Then you select in “SELECT COMPLEMENTARY OPTIONS” the option value to integrate in each bundle variant corresponding to the “OPTION TO FIT”.

Example of completed product in Fashion Set Tool in ZeBundler on Shopify

In the example above we say that for each option of Size T-Shirt in our bundle to fit wtith the option Size of our product. Then we said we want the blue color in complementary option. It means for each size of our bundle the blue vairant of the corresponding size will be included.

  • Bundle  T-shirt Size: XS  Short Size : XS-> T-shirt  Size : XS Color Blue, …
  • Bundle  T-shirt Size : S  Short Size :S-> T-shirt  Size : S Color Blue, …
  • etc..

You can also adjust the desired quantity of product for each unit of your bundle.

STEP 3 : add additional product

We provide you a way to add additional products to your bundle. An additional product is a product included in every variant of your bundle.

Additional product empty Fashion Set Tool ZeBundler on Shopify

In our example we want to add a golden bracelet to our bundle without fitting an option of our bundle . So just click on the “Select Product” button.

Shopify ZeBundler Fashion Set tool additional product example full

Then just click on the desired variant in “Title” column and set the desired quantity for each unit of your bundle.

Step 4 : Validate and create your bundle

Now review your form to be sure you fill it with the desired option and just click on validate. It will fill the creation form for you  like this :

Filled Form with FST in bundle Creation ZeBundler Shopify


Now review the form to be sure of the information (like quantity) and  click on the “Create Bundle” button at the bottom of page and that’s all your bundle is created.